No Foot No Horse

“The Quote has been established for many years both prior and well after my time in Horses“      

At the very primary stage in developing horses, this can be the vital pivotal point in producing winning Gallopers,……. even in weight being Pregnant Mares carrying the next generation of Turf Track Champions “Its proven to make a difference

With over 30 years’ experience both in Australia and abroad, with all shoeing and hoof related problems catered for. With Ben Owen of Diamond racing, being the past resident Farrier established at the Baldivis Veterinary clinic. This had most defiantly attributed to a great amount of exposure to remedial, corrective and therapeutic shoeing over many years. It has been very beneficial to helping the understanding of recovery and maintenance toward performance horses, and alike both on and off the track, spelling and with horses coming into work.

Pictured below is a Brood mares foot after coming to our stable from a very prominent Stud having charged the owner for   Regular trimming at very inflated prices for some time .This need never to be a concern in the Diamond Racing stable, as 30 years’ experience and daily attendance in overseeing your horses and their feet .

From Foals and into retirement, the horses 5 x beating hearts, being the one in its chest and the other four hooves.















Corrective shoeing and a personally derived stapling method performed by Ben Owen of the “Old Farrier Shop”