Licensed Accredited Farrier

The importance of Hoof and Horse, with never a more important quote than
“ No Foot No Horse”

One that Diamond Racing has lived by for decades, the age old art of hoof balance and sustainability has been applied since roman conquering ages. This hand crafted and preformed skill with its principals has not wavered in time. The utmost importance and attention to balance and foot fall is paramount in the Diamond Racing Stables. Balance is imperative and equates to correct foot placement for gained ground and speed.

A keen eye and honed international skills for near 30 years has Ben Owen and Diamond Racing stables well ahead of the rest ,for the proof is not in speed of the job ,in this modern time poor society ,It’s far more important to gain quality and enhancement of the balanced foot, in performance horses and alike, this is crucial. Formula 1 racing machines never neglect the most vital piece of varied equipment that harnesses their speed and pure power to the ground (tyres ) so too, does horses feet play the same very major role in our 500kg plus equine athlete’s having traction and finding the line ahead of the rest.

Many can boast and talk on the topic , Ben Owen and Diamond Racing have the knowledge and years of experience to deliver. With all the many and varied application and needs, now created by production – line and mass stabling, new condition are caused due to the current un-natural housing and stabling of horses . Today’s intervention needs to have applied science and good managed horse sense, to keep abreast of all incurred situations .Diamond Racing has proven this time and time again, in accepting and taking on graduated horses that where considered and deemed ordinary, due to undetected foot problems and then turning them around to celebrate victory and continuous wins with their owners and connections to enjoy. ….simply by the task of corrective and individual shoeing. …..It’s not just tacking on shoes, If the difference between winning and losing is only an inch ??…. Check your horse’s feet.

Like all Athlete’s, each horse may have varied individual actions in running, by enhancing and streamlining this action it can improve your horses performance greatly .This is a major factor in our horses preparation and their needs in the Diamond Racing Stable. From re-building broken missing hoof, to cross firing, joint stress alleviation, scalping and other unbalanced hoof flight problems , this is most often a very overlooked and important aspect .Ben Owen and Diamond racing stables can not only identify, but can professionally rectify these problems in your horses.

A balanced action is the exact reason as to why some horses cover ground effortlessly and some just never make the grade. This is not an opinion, this is proven fact … It’s not just having a set of plates tacked on, Its customized fitment, for performance enhancement, from those with over 30 year of professional commercial experience in this field.

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