Setting the precedent:

Diamond Racing has the fortunate position of 3 x generation of horsemanship, we can manage the entire operation from our stable complex, from foaling down, yearling preparation, education and breaking in , to rehabilitation and correction of problem horses. The benefits in our acreage and plentiful paddocks means we can accommodate all scenarios from start to finish and stay cost effective, keeping everything in house.

At Diamond Racing our application of knowledge and the combine years of experience enable us to avoid a lot of prominent pitfalls endured by other stables. “Horses for courses” as the saying go’s. Consideration to young growing bones and ligaments combined with correct surfaces and plentiful pastures eliminates a lot of foreseeable problems in the development of young champion runners only ever surrounded by sawdust, four walls in a concreate stable. Applied fact of science along with the understanding of joint loading with the entire Equine movement, is what makes Diamond Racing absolutely unique. Horse Training is not a job application; it’s a passion and science worth your learning

Freshen up Horses:

Consideration towards each individual and its needs, we believe is the key in tapping into each horses full potential. The ability to perform on demand involves the horse’s mental state, along with its composure which is always affected by its environment. Diamond Racings athletes always see daily paddock time, to keep them fresh and happy in their routine, as not to sour their performances. This makes for longer campaigns and better chances of earning a return on your investment.

Beach work and exposure to the ocean water is such a beneficial factor in so many ways, as all professional athlete’s use the benefits of the ocean in one form or another , so too do our horses. Diamond Racing stables pride ourselves on the right preparation for your horse and not just grinding each horse through heavy sand with the same process every day and hoping one gets up. The stable incorporates a beach run 2 x3 times a week, with our own trucks and transport, with stable workers and rider’s always keen to include the benefits of the beach.

From 2yrs growing in the paddock’s

To new exposures & freshening beach environment’s