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Dr Romans international list –as ( Chefs to Race ) a considered aid here at Diamond Racing

Reliant indicators, being horses referred to as : “Chefs-de-Race” This being the International list of Sires that have produced winning and proven Race Horses all around the word. The statistics are overwhelming not to want to include this science and these astute algorithms when looking to breed and or choose a Thoroughbred.

History has noted that the best thoroughbred sires over more than the last 100 years are listed as the “Chefs-de-Race”. These sires are the basis of the now standard of the probability of breeding a successful racehorse by the allocation of a generational points system to establish the influence on mating of sires and mares. Below is the generational points scale:

  • 1st Generation – 16 Points
  • 2nd Generation – 8 Points
  • 3rd Generation – 4 Points
  • 4th Generation – 2 Points

Here at Diamond Racing this scaling system is now used currently to establish the dosage of each thoroughbred of the   Chefs-de-Race” by allocating the 5 categories of the scale being “Brilliant” – “Intermediate” – “Classic” – “Solid” – “Professional”. The scale is “Brilliant” meaning speed, to “Professional”, which means stamina. Using this scale assists in determining what type of racehorse you want to produce and the dosage of the “Chefs-de-Race” sires in the bloodline. Remember, there is always the exception to every rule and sometimes, Non rated thoroughbreds have certainly proven this.

This scaling system then leads to what is known as the “Centre of Distribution”, a formula that leads to a scale similar to the dosage scale but is used to determine what the most likely range of race distances a thoroughbred is bred to be competitive at. These are all valid point that we are very pleased to discuss and walk you through when considering to purchase and or breed “performance horses” with us here at Diamond Racing.


Just one of the most astute and commanding blood lines of “All Time” along with others .