Breaking in

This important role is the absolute foundation for the future .The horse’s education, rather than the name would suggest, “Breaking In” is a large focus point in how the horse will overcome things later in life.

“Breaking In” is the misconception; “Learnt Education” is a far better way to put it.

Diamond Racing is a 3rd generation horse family, embracing new and also tried methods of presenting horses under saddle. In having dressage & event riders in the family along with well-seasoned huntsmen, we have a wide varied aspect and understanding of all disciplines, be it presentation and etiquette, through to hardened fit race horses. The horse’s thought process and reactions are all pre-set in how the horse was initially handled and educated.

The importance of a good start;

Those that start well, go further in life. This can be so true for the initial imprinting of young horses in training. To quote Charles Darwin “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” From foaling down and handling, through to haltering and lead training, this will all have an imprint on how well your horse will respond on the track under the extreme pressures of performance racing .We here at Diamond Racing have this in mind from the very moment that we are presented with any horse for education and training, with all the important aspects covered. From early handling to barrier training and along with learning to present a controlled gallop, this is the importance of the education and breaking in process with Diamond Racing Stables  

Below are youngsters, being backed and ridden out in front of their owners for the first time, at the viewing platform and parade ring here at Diamond Stables. These owners were only too happy to with their filly that went on to WIN city races here in Perth W.A.















“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary”