Assisted Purchases

In conjunction with Ms Kylie Wood, Mr Basil Faulkner and the team at Magic Millions, Diamond Racing can overcome most pitfalls that nearly always creep into the great unknown categories of “purchasing a horse to race”.

Experience accounts for a lot, our tried and trusted connections throughout the racing world can overcome and help in avoiding these pitfalls. Purchasing a horse to race should not be a blind leap of faith, but rather a calculated decision with peace of mind that ”knowledge is wealth”.

Ultimately if your heart and mind are set on a particular horse then that is O.K and you are good to go. In the model of understanding things, the clay has been purchased and it’s now up to Diamond Racing to sculpture a masterpiece out of it. Keeping in mind that some materials are just better to work with than others. It is always our intention to provide you with what we feel are performing, winning race horse analogy.

The Network

Ben Owen of Diamond Racing has created great working relationships around Australia from Veterinary Universities, to Master Farriers and of course Bloodstock Agents throughout the country. Our assistant buyers on hand in most states can evaluate horses on site and in person at most major sales and auctions. Prominent Blood Stock Agents, Magic Millions, welcome newcomers into the industry and we here at Diamond Racing can assist you in the procedures of buying your very own race horse. There will be reassurance and a checklist that covers all of the legalities and added insurance possibilities that arise in new horse ownership. Securing your purchase without any downfall or drama is what we do.

Diamond Racing, endorsing tried and trusted producers of winning race horses all around the country in