Agistment & Spelling Complex

Diamond Racing Thoroughbreds and incorporating Diamond Enterprises all function from the property known as Diamondvale, amongst the plentiful grazing that resides at the base of the Serpentine falls and the waterways of the Serpentine river.

Having this abundance of pastoral land is an enormous benefit to the entire runnings of a Racing Stable and Agistment Centre. Having the added bonus of being able to spell and agist our regular turnaround of horses, this keeps us in constant contact with our horses in being able to view them daily and not having to worry if they are at all doing well or otherwise whilst out in the paddock or during short let up and spelling periods in there campaign.

The simple fact of not being reliant on outsourced agistment centre’s and or other paddocks keeps our eyes focused and fingers on the pulse of exactly what our horses are up too during the day. The daily monitoring keeps us better informed than anyone else’s report or opinion from a fare away paddock that is out of sight and sometimes out of mind, until due time is up and the horse need come back into the stable for work. Not exactly knowing the horses’ state of mind or the condition that they have had to endure whilst out in the paddock is never a factor at Diamond Racing Stables, as all individual feeding requirements are closely monitored personally by directing trainer Ben Owen.

It being well tried and tested ,in knowing that not all horses respond to the same feeding resigns in exactly the same way, horses metabolism’s and their makeup s vary and they very often respond very differently in paddock situation.

This is just another factor in racing that can be immediately assessed and adjusted accordingly , by simply enjoying the viewing of the horses as they should be, in their natural state and on large well grassed and well shaded established paddocks here at Diamondvale. This is us at home with horses , we don’t just train them, we live and breathe them all day – every day.