Trainers Profile

From the Trainer , Benjamin Owen

Its my belief that you’ve needed to have done it and been a part of it in some form or another to fully understand it, Whatever the game …Athleticism isn’t something that you just read about, then try to apply. Saying that there are always some exceptions to the rules from those that can apply direct theory in a methodical way and get results. My thinking is that you have to have had a feeling for it to truly understand it – conditioning , fitness , applied pressure and all combined with extreme abnormal circumstance’s that arise in a split second decision.

To quote my father “ A champion gets up when he can’t”…

The background and foundation of myself as a trainer, comes from me personally experiencing all of these from a very young age and applying the education that I’ve gained along the way, then channelling this throughout my stable of horses. From very early beginnings as a champion school swimmer, to a light heavyweight Title holder Boxer , along with a first grade Rugby League debut at the age of 16 years old weighing in at @ 96 kg. All of these disciplines and skills where then further honed and developed at the Sydney Institute of Sport, to then later return to Perth and become the youngest sports conditioning coach/Trainer and Aerobics Instructor in Western Australia. Along with this came the understanding and further education of Bio-mechanics with an accreditation in Human movement, helping me very much absorb and understand a profession in Foot and Farriery. The following people have been great mentors and educators to me over many years being involved in the realm of professional sport. These unique individuals and many other men and women really helped me bring it all together as a trainer and conditioner, no matter what the discipline.

Tommy Greenwood ,( Australian Boxing Coach ) an inspiration to many , is by far the greatest man to see to move mountains and overcome any obstacle. Being a proud man to say that I am still training with him and pull on the gloves with Tommy to this day . A short time away from horses give us a great opportunity to regroup and refresh your thoughts.

Peter Par (North Queensland Rugby League ) (Blues NSW State of Origin Assistant Coach) Cowboys General Manager of Football. Pete applied science with a school of – play it hard, play it good, and was a great team comradery man and would make anyone a better person for being coached under his direction. A quick innovative thinker and way ahead of his time.

Warren Smiles ( Rugby League Coach ,Sheffield Eagles UK, ) Newcastle Knights NRL. , West Australian Rugby League Development Officer. Warren would be the methodical side of breaking down coaching problems, then as a player, was a thumping work load not to be reckoned with as Applecross Captain / Coach.

Carl O’Dwyer The man that gave me the greatest opportunity of all, when others wouldn’t. The absolute corner stone of my 2nd professional career, as without Carl taking me in under his wing, I wouldn’t be where I am doing what I do today. Congratulation to Carl as a recent inductee of the Horseman’s Hall of Fame.

These and many other educators, Universities and instructors, help make the picture that is in my mind a ‘Professional Athlete’ Equine or other. I find that exposures to applied science, the understanding of the horses athletic functions , along with algorithms and statistics bring together what is todays professional Race Horse. I’ve had the pleasure and life experience of being a horse conditioner for over 25 years. Prior to that having lived as a professional athlete and now treat my horses and their state of mind in exactly the same way ‘As Professional Athletes ’. Tapping into each horse’s full potential and enhancing their strengths and correcting their weakness, This is my objective as a Horse Trainer.

“I totally believe that working towards Winning in any realm ….just never gets too old”. These great people below and others gave me the skills to achieve and believe anything is possible. “You just gotta want it bad enough”      

Tommy Greenwood

Peter Parr

Warren Smiles

Carl O’Dwyer