Heritage & Foundation

Diamond Racing Thoroughbreds is very proud of its Heritage and understands the Importance to uphold the
strong foundations of: ………………….“THE SPORT OF KINGS”…………………………………

With three generations of involvement and experience in Thoroughbred Racing and Horses generally, we at Diamond Racing Thoroughbreds understand too well, that we will never stop learning about them. As long as there are horses, good horsemanship and equine management will never die. The three generations of experience and commitment to managing the welfare of horses begins initially from Edward Thomas Owen, then Graham Edward Owen to the present day with our Benjamin William Owen, who is the current day, Directing Trainer of Diamond Racing Thoroughbreds.

Ted & Ruby enjoying Gala fancy-dress nights
Edward (Ted) with both Melbourne & Caulfield Cups


The foundation of this families heritage of horses go’s back even further in post war time (1920,s) where even then, the Owen family was relying on horses to derive a their living . World War II saw everything go on hold, with Edward Thomas Owen serving aboard the infamous warship (H.M.A.S Sydney II). With the Gods looking down favourably upon Edward by granting him the taking of some much-needed leave as the ship was at his home port in Fremantle. Grandfathers life was spared as his ship (HMAS Sydney II) set sail without him on its last ever escort mission. The ship and all of his comrades where lost with its ill-fated sinking off the coast of Western Australia after an epic sea battle, with the German Ship Kormoran. The (HMAS Sydney II) wreak only to be found some 67 years later. This being an important part of our History and the foundation, as without this turn of fate, Edward’s son Graham Owen: of (Colonial horse floats) and grandson, Benjamin Owen owner of the “Old Farrier Shop” and “Diamond Racing Thoroughbreds” would not exist today.

Grandfather and Grandmother cherished their lives, their given opportunity and romantically lavished themselves in what was known then –and still known today as: “The Sport of Kings”…………………. Thoroughbred Racing and Thoroughbred Breeding, became Edward’s (Ted’s) and Grandma (Ruby’s) favourite passion in life.