The Correlation

The early beginnings of the iconic Colonial Horse float was at the start of the 1970’s and became Full time horsing around for the second generation of the Owen Family.

Graham Owen, a home grown horsemen, wanted something more practical / user friendly and reliable to transport valuable stock. Graham, a Plummer by trade, (of which he hated) new there was a greater calling of something else. To quote my father “ do what you love –do it well and the money will follow “…He followed his love of horses ,as these humble beginnings went on in time to be the iconic Colonial Horse Float. Winning Australian Design awards, also being the First Australian Hose float exported overseas from Australia, to the Invitation of the Malaysian Government to help design there Equine stock transportation, in conjunction with Singaporean based Chief Veterinarian Surgeon Dr George Limb. This became a grand Family Business, dealing with Horses and there owners needs on a daily basis

This was most certainly the case for Graham Owen of Coloninal Horse floats. His design and attention to horse husbandry, made the safe reliable user friendly horse float, that everyone wanted and preferred. These horse floats where built with the horses safety in mind, No sharp edged in precarious places for horse to injure themselves .With all finer details made possible for the horses comfort and stability. Low centre of gravity, superior braking system, sturdy floor construction, and to remember a phrase father use to say “you use to tailgate twice to any one time you use the float – so make it twice as strong” A quality driven product that needed no selling, with the demand for orders back in the day of up to 1 x 2 per week.

Now days, son Ben Owen and Diamond Racing being a third Generation, having a great association and understanding of Equine transport from the ground up, it seemed destone whether we wanted to or not, that Horses would be a part of our everyday life

4 x Horse Colonial horse float /Built by Graham Owen and delivered in 1979 at South Perth fore shore, Western Australia