Because we all need a best friend...

Because Diamonds are the Jewels in most crowns ..Its called the “SPORT OF KINGS” for a reason ,

“Oh to be King for a day”. Well now you can ……Diamond Racing – Perth Western Australia

We can make that dream real, making horse racing enjoyable and a realized life style which you may have thought was out of reach before now. The modern-day lifestyle is the age of information –media and I.T , with Diamond Racing embracing all of this and incorporating an easy to follow platform of video streaming , voice emails ,owners update all hot off the press to your phone or registered email. All a personalized real experience with our directing Trainer -Ben Owen – talk with him direct and get the answers you need regards your own Racehorse.

As we all need a best friend in “Diamonds are for ever” …….its not a job –it’s a life-style that we all live ,eat and breath all day –every-day. Enjoy viewing our page, look forward to talking with you soon. The team -



Living and breathing your investment...

all day, everyday

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